Weight Loss

Down payments for weight loss programs are non-refundable.

HCG Weight Loss

A 30 day program with a complete consultation to help you reach and maintain your healthy weight loss goals safely and effectively with a hormonal weight loss plan designed by a physician.


HCG Weight Loss Starter Program

Initial Visit and consultation with MD
Dietary Analysis
B12 Injection
Meal Booklet with Recipes
Body Fat Analysis
Food Scale for portion control
Body Measuring Tape
2 week & 4 week weigh in
Telephone Progress Session

Fall Special! (Consult & HCG Prog. 1st month)$300.00
Fall Spec.! (Consults & 90 Day Prog./1 Month Free)$600.00

HCG Repeat Cycle Program

Repeat cycle of the HCG program
Includes 30 day HCG Rx
3 week & 4 week Weigh In Session
Telephone Progress Session

30 Day Repeat Program$200.00

Medical Weight Loss

Safe and effective medical weight loss program to help you reach and maintain your healthiest weight along with lifestyle and healthy eating regimen. Includes medication.


30 Day Program

New patient initial consultation with MD
Dietary Analysis/Suggested Diet Plan
30 Day weight loss Rx
(1) B12 injections
Discount on wellness services ($20 off colon hydroptherapy & Ionic Cleanse)
10% Off Supplements

Consult & 30 Day Program$200.00
Fall Special! New Client Consult & 30 Day Prog. $150.00

60 Day Program

All features of 30 day program including...
Body Fat Analysis
Customized Meal Plan
60 day weight loss Rx
(2) B12 Injections
Consultation with personal trainer available
1 follow up with MD
2 week, 4 week & 6 week weigh in

Consult & 60 Day Program $400.00
Fall Spec.! New Client Consult & 60 Day Prog.$300.00

90 Day Program

All features of 60 day program including
90 day weight loss Rx
(3) B12 injections
2 week, 4 week, 6 week & 8 week weigh in

Fall Spec.! Consults (90 Day Prog. 1 Month Free.)$500.00

Child/Adolescent Weight Loss

Very easy to kid friendly weight loss program from children 4 years and up which includes:

Binge Buster capsules to aid in weight loss

30 Day Program$50.00
90 Day Program$150.00