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They are awesome!

(Anonymous, 2,085 days ago)

Just wanted to mention that I had my initial colonic hydrotherapy today and the results were awesome! I FEEL GREAT Lenny and Precious

(Leonard G., 2,382 days ago)

All I know is when it comes to Dr. Smith she is a lady of business, excellent, and always taking care of her clients! She is patient and loves helping people! I meet her and her husband who is a Doctor as well in their practice who has the same spirit in 2004 since then I have been apart of whatever they do! This is amazing team that cares!

(Yvonne B., 2,430 days ago)

This is the best staff you can have in your corner when you are trying to succeed in making the right decision in being healthy!!

(Anonymous, 2,480 days ago)

I took a tour at Tranquility Wellness and I was absolutely amazed at the atmosphere and set up. I will be scheduling my first consultation soon. I look forward to experiencing the detox, hydrotherapy, and diet plan.

(Gloria B., 2,543 days ago)

I stopped by to get info on the weight loss and found out so much more information on wellness and health that could really help me in reaching my goal weight. Stop by and ask questions.

(Anonymous, 2,585 days ago)


(Anonymous, 2,610 days ago)

This place is really nice you will not stop going when you start.

(Anonymous, 2,610 days ago)

I had been toying with losing weight for the past 5 years but couldn't stick to a plan. I came to Dr. Smith for the HCG Diet consultation and decided to give it a go. I was leary in the beginning due to the strict caloric intake however, I've lost 22lbs and was able to go shopping in my closet! It is worth the money and the strict plan! If I can do it, anyone can as I'm not the most disciplined person. It's mind over matter! It produced great results in 42 days and I'm being stopped by people asking, "What have you been doing, you look great!" Thanks Tranquility Wellness Spa!

(Sharalyn D., 2,655 days ago)

In one word,AWESOME!

(Anonymous, 2,690 days ago)

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